Collecting Kubernetes Events with Fluent Bit

A short guide showing how to set up Fluent Bit (with a Helm chart) to watch Kubernetes Events and forward them to an external log store - plus performance debugging and understanding Fluent Bit behavior.

Switching from Nginx to Caddy - or not?

In this post I'm exploring the capabilities of one the most highly-regarded, newcomer webservers: Caddy. I'm also comparing it to my current Nginx setup for serving static websites from an S3 backend. This covers reverse proxying, URL rewriting, modifying HTTP headers, caching and metrics monitoring.

Lambda Layer Tool

A simple, YAML-based tool for building and publishing AWS Lambda layers:

Investigations into Video Streaming

Reports about how video streaming and distribution with CDNs works, how (well) adaptive bitrate streaming works, and latency comparisons between various live streaming protocols